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Architects are involved with the design of new houses. They can work on individual buildings or on large development schemes, ... more
Buyers are responsible for ensuring that the materials required for construction projects are provided to schedule and according to projected ... more
Land Buyer
Land Buyers source and acquire development sites. They have a good knowledge of planning legislation and an excellent knowledge of ... more
As a planner you would liase with landowners and agents for possible land purchase. You would assist land buyers with ... more
Quantity Surveyor
A quantity surveyor works out exactly how much a house costs to construct and keeps a close eye on finances ... more
Bricklayers are responsible for setting out buildings by laying bricks, and pre-cut stone, concrete blocks and other types of building ... more
Carpenters build and install the timber structural elements of a new home and the wooden interior fittings. They also install ... more
Electricians install, inspect and test equipment, ensuring that electrotechnical systems work safely, and fixing faults where necessary. Their work must ... more
Health & Safety Manager
Health and Safety
Responsible for advising and assisting management in implementing all statutory and company health and safety regulations. They carry out regular ... more
The role of a Plumber can be highly varied ranging from installing systems in new buildings to the maintenance of ... more
Site Manager
Site managers run a new home building development. They are responsible for the houses being built safely, on time, on ... more
Conveyancing is a necessary process in both the buying and selling of property. A professional conveyancer, or conveyancing solicitor, helps ... more
Customer Service Administrator
Customer Service
A customer service administrator is responsible for answering questions from the purchaser regarding the new home they have bought. They ... more
Marketing and PR Officer
Sales and Marketing
The marketing manager is responsible for all aspects of marketing a new home development, including the co-ordination of the physical ... more
Sales Advisor
Sales and Marketing
From customer-facing negotiations to the completion of administration work, sales advisors are responsible for the on-site property sales process. Sales ... more
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