Albert Perry

"I like everything about my job, but the most satisfying and rewarding part is seeing the customer’s happy faces when we hand over the keys."

Job Title: Trainee Assistant Site Manager (on the Site Management Academy)

Employer: Crest Nicholson PLC

Job: Assistant Site Manager

About my job

What does your department do?

As I am a part of the Build department for Crest Nicholson, it is our responsibility to 'deliver' the product, we interact with all departments within the business to ensure our customers move in to high quality, beautiful homes.

What do you do on a day-to-day basis?

On a day-to-day basis I will be on site interacting with the tradesmen, managing the labour and making sure that there are no problems and if there is that they are quickly resolved, preparing the plots for any inspections and/or visits we have from the NHBC or customers.

I also make sure that all sub-contractors are following the Crest Nicholson Quality Manual thoroughly, as it is the best way to ensure plots with a very high standard of workmanship.

What do you like about what you do?

I like everything about my job, but the most satisfying and rewarding part is seeing the customer’s happy faces when we hand over the keys. It shows that all the hard work that has been put into achieving the high level standard of work is appreciated and acknowledged.

Why did you choose this career?

I was previously employed by Crest Nicholson as an Apprentice Carpenter, where I completed my Level 3 NVQ Carpentry Qualification whilst getting hands on experience on site. When I finished I had to make a decision between applying for the Crest Nicholson Site Management Academy and finding a job as a sub-contractor Carpenter.

I chose to apply for the Site Management Academy as it gave me the opportunity to further my learning and education and gain more knowledge in all aspects of the build. Additionally, I knew if I continued my career with Crest Nicholson I would get all the help and advice I needed to help me progress further in my career.

What qualifications did you need to get this job?

The qualifications needed to be enrolled on the Site Management Academy was a Level 3 NVQ or currently working on a Crest Nicholson site as a Site Operative Trainee or Tradesman.

Is there any particular advice you would give to someone looking for a career in your area of work?

The advice I would give to anyone who is looking for a career in the housebuilding industry is to take as much information on board as you can from all trades in order to help you continue your learning, if you are not sure on why specific tasks have to be done in a certain way or time frame then make sure you find out why.

Showing an interest at work and being willing to continuously learn will have only have a positive effect, others around you will take you seriously giving you more responsibilities and opportunities, allowing you to excel and show that you are capable of managing lots of different assignments.

Questions & Answers

What hobbies or interests do you have?

Outside of work I enjoy football, socialising with my school friends and going to the gym. My weekends are mainly about either watching my favourite team, West Ham United, play as I have been a season ticket holder since I was 11 or playing football for my local Sunday league team.

What’s your favourite type of music?

I listen to all types of music but if I had to say who my favourite musicians are I would probably say Arctic Monkeys.

What’s your favourite film / film genre?

My favourite film of all time has to be Dumb and Dumber.

Where’s your favourite place to go on holiday?

My favourite holiday destination is France, I used to go there every year as a child and I always used to have a great time.