Job Department

Sales and Marketing

While all the business departments of a house builder are vital to its success, without customers to sell houses to it would all be for nothing. As such, the Sales and Marketing department of the company is hugely important. It’s their job to project the right image of the business to potential customers and present the homes they've built in a way that will persuade house hunters to buy them. This could be done by producing posters, leaflets and adverts, but also involves one-to-one interaction with people who visit the company’s show homes. It’s fast-paced and constantly changing.

Many house builders will have a head office with a Group Marketing and/or Sales Director who would oversee the work and ensure that the company brand is maintained throughout the advertising, marketing collateral (brochures, signage, point of sale) and online through the company’s website.

There may also be a Communications Director or a PR Manager to verse and manage the external affairs work of the company, including the issuing of media statements, handling press and radio interviews and protecting and maintain the company’s image.

Regional offices usually have a Sales and Marketing department with a Regional Sales and Marketing Director who is supported by Sales and Marketing Field Managers, or similar. They co-ordinate and oversee the marketing and sales of individual sites within their region including their site-based sales advisors and negotiators, and/or external estate agents.

The frontline staff are the sales advisors and negotiators. These are the people who work from site show homes, dealing with enquiries from potential purchasers and engaging with those customers to make sales. They need to have good customer facing and communication skills. Many companies provide in-house training, so there are often no formal qualifications required.