Job Department


These are the people who construct new homes needed for the future. Working within the Construction department, the On-Site team is comprised of skilled craftsmen and women, ensuring that the company’s finished product is high quality and well made.

Craftspeople are in continuing short supply and as such opportunities are excellent. Career prospects can also be outstanding and a number of the site workers will go on to become Site Managers in the future. It is also no longer the case that they’re simply jobs for men. On the modern construction site, there are more and more women who have discovered they can bring the right qualities and skills to the industry.

Most people train and gain vocational qualifications for crafts careers. A good place to look at for these is the CITB website – – where you can see if these kinds of jobs might suit you. Site managers and material controllers are also needed, as are building managers, who are responsible for co-ordinating the whole process.