School/College Leavers


Why house building

There’s more to house building than building houses.

Over 200,000 houses are built every year in the UK and apprentices are essential to making that happen. Whether its flats in the city, cottages in the country or terraces in towns, you could help build the homes that future generations of the UK will grow up in. The industry is always changing but that means we always need young people to bring their talents and ideas to help us deliver quality housing now, and in the future. 

You might have a specific idea of what jobs are involved in house building, but you’ll be surprised. Building houses takes all kinds of skills and all kinds of people working together to turn a grassy field into a thriving community. Whether it’s surveying the land, designing the house, fitting the interior or finding a buyer, there’s a role that will suit you.

In return, you’ll join a booming industry with good pay, opportunities to develop and rewarding work. It’s the chance to get paid while you learn, get a qualification that counts and end every day knowing you’ve done something important.

There’s a lot of ways into our industry and it can be confusing without the right support, this site contains information about all the different roles on offer, how to get them and where to go if you’re interested.

Key job roles

The process of building a home is very complicated and involves many different stages. This means that house builders have a lot of departments that do very different jobs. To find out more about what each department does, just click on the picture!

Job locations

The map below shows you where house builders have their main offices and regional branches. We work extensively right across the country in villages, towns and cities, and as a result we are working on thousands of sites at any one time. So don’t worry if you can’t find an office near you, there’ll be a development close by.