Job Department


Working within the Land department, the Planning team is one of the most important parts of a house builder’s company. They are responsible for the management of the businesses strategic land portfolio – that is, the land the company owns. As part of this, it’s also their job to promote the land across all aspects of the planning system, and ultimately making sure that planning permission is granted on the company’s sites. The Planning team is also involved in the identification and acquisition of land.

There are many stages in the planning process and it’s the job of the Planning department to help the company navigate their way through them efficiently and successfully. Planners must work within the National Planning Policy Framework and engage with local authorities, local communities and other key stakeholders.

For example, you could find yourself involved in promoting strategic land. This would involve long term negotiation with Local Authorities and land owners, using your commercial skills to assist the best possible outcome.

Short term planning on small, medium and large residential schemes also require special attention to be paid to a variety of consultants on transport, ecology, environment, archaeological and sustainable issues.

Generally, working in the Planning department requires specific industry qualifications gained from organisations such as the Royal Town Planning Institute or the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors. Besides that, you will have to know and keep up with local and national planning law.