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Health and Safety

A building site can be a very dangerous place if proper safety rules and regulations aren’t followed. To build a house we sometimes have to use heavy machinery and materials. As such, it’s vital that we makes sure our employees, and any other workers on the site, operate safely and adhere to relevant laws and guidelines as set out by the government. The Health & Safety department are responsible for making sure this happens and for creating an environment that our people can operate in safely and confidently.

Within the house building industry this is a key department as the nature of building means a site can be a very dangerous place. If an accident has occurred, the Health and Safety department would investigate the incident in order to put policies in place to prevent any such accidents re-occurring in the same manner. The department would also send out advisors to inspect sites to ensure that workers and the general public are safe from any unnecessary accidents.

In order to work in this department you will require formal health and safety qualifications. There are a number of routes that you can follow to gain these including in-house training, external courses and opportunities to retrain from other relevant careers, such as on-site jobs.

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