Job Department

Customer Service

Ensuring your customers are happy is important in any industry, but when the customer is making what is likely to be their largest single purchase it’s vital that they’re looked after properly. The Customer Service department must therefore operate to the highest possible standards so that if an issue does arise, it’s resolved quickly and efficiently. Ultimately, keeping customers happy, and demonstrating that we do, creates an environment that encourages people to buy a new home, giving them peace of mind and a great purchasing experience.

House builders deal directly with customers who are making the biggest purchase of their lives and who uniquely can watch their purchase being constructed at every stage. As such, the expectations of new home purchasers are continually rising.

House builders must seek to satisfy these high expectations, whilst at the same time protecting reputations and profits. This is a shared task for everyone employed in the industry, but particularly for those who are pre and post customer-facing.

There are not necessarily any specific qualifications needed to work in the Customer Services department, but good communication skills and a positive attitude are generally the traits needed to work in this department.

Outside of the Customer Services department itself, there are also a number of customer service roles within Customer Care department.