Why is house building for me?

Choosing a career in house building is choosing to work in an industry where you can really achieve something tangible. It’s the sort of achievement that you can look at and physically touch. It’s something that you can see through from start to finish, from a piece of land with nothing on to a thriving community where families grow, and people live.

But it’s more than just about providing homes for a nation that desperately needs them. It’s also very rewarding. At current industry rates, apprentices earn on average between £9.5k and £18k per year; and graduate trainees can earn between £20k and £28k per year. And if you’re really successful and make it to the top of the tree, as a director in a house building company you could earn between £90k and £120k per year!

The rewards are also far more than just financial. You will also receive first class training and be given the opportunity to gain industry leading qualifications.

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